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Outgoing ASG Vice President Steven Mendoza has proposed priority class registration for student government leaders.

“I would like to think of this as an incentive for those who are elected to ASG,” Mendoza said.

One advantage of priority registration would be to help ASG officers and representatives schedule classes around their mandatory weekly ASG meetings, Mendoza said.

“Given what they handle … maybe they should be granted priority registration,” sophomore Donald Cluff said.

Outgoing President Nadia Lopez refused to comment on the proposal. “It’s a better idea for you to talk to Steven directly, since this is his idea,” Lopez told a reporter.

If Mendoza’s plan were to go through, ASG officers and representatives would be able to choose their classes even before a student who is in their last semester and needs to complete requirements for graduation.

Currently, EOPS students and veterans are the first groups to sign up for classes.

Even student athletes do not have priority class enrollment, although those entering from high school in the Santa Ana School District may enroll in certain SAC classes if they first qualify through an English and math assessment.

Typically, the number of units a student has completed determines the order of registration. The more units completed, the earlier the registration date.

Mendoza stated at a meeting that his proposal for ASG early enrollment could bypass voter approval, but his idea is facing roadblocks.

“The students would have to be involved in a decision like that,” said newly elected ASG Vice President Frank Perkins.

However, it appears that such a decision would have to be made in Sacramento. Vice President of Academic Affairs Norman Fujimoto said it would take an act of the state legislature to include student government on the list of groups that receive priority class registration.

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“If you have a job … you need to figure out how to work around the schedule,” said Irene Arellano, chief justice of the ASG court.

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