A day of capturing action in Huntington Beach

Surfer catching a wave north of the Huntington Pier on September 25, 2022.Photo by Kathy Rafferty

The SAC Photography and Journalism and Media Studies departments launched a cross-listed Introduction to Photojournalism class this fall to explore the theory and practice of the photographer as a journalist.

A recent assignment required students to capture peak action to draw viewers into a dynamic moment in motion. Shooting outdoors and using the continuous shooting camera feature were essential to the technique students explored.

Here are a few pictures taken at Huntington Beach on Sept. 25 by student Kathy Rafferty:

surfer in the ocean
In order to capture surfers in action, a faster shutter speed must be utilized. Photo by Kathy Rafferty
volleyball players in action
Documenting sports requires an eye for action and a lot of patience as we see here with these volleyball players in Huntington Beach. Photo by Kathy Rafferty
volleyball players on beach
Pushing the shutter button at the exact split second of the motion yields some interesting expressions. Photo by Kathy Rafferty

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