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By: Shane Collins

Millions of dollars and months later Santa Ana College’s state-of-the-art facility is complete.

5.6 Million

Cost of the field allocated through Measure E funds with a five-year maintenance plan built into the price.

Games played by the men and women’s teams on the new field.

Road games played by the men and women’s teams on synthetic turf.




Four colleges on the Dons schedule also play on synthetic grass fields.

1. East LA College
2. Palomar College
3. Norco College
4. Orange Coast College





Of community colleges in Southern California compete in collegiate soccer.




Of the schools that play soccer play on synthetic fields.

We prepare ourselves no matter where we are going, Vasquezand this is no different. I will say that the games will be better. “

— Head Coach Jose Vasquez








3 of 9

Teams in the Orange Empire Conference play on artificial turf fields, as do  the Dons, who face a conference rival, Norco College, September 20.



Is the price to rent the soccer facility for any non-profit organization for four hours.



Is the price to rent the soccer facility for any for-profit organization for four hours.


Along with permanently covered player benchesLIZ_SoccerBenchesand media area, the facility also has seating for up to 500 spectators.







Unlike the old soccer field, the goals are permanent LIZ_SoccerGoal

and built into the ground.






After being watered on a hot day,LIZ_SoccerGrass the average temperature of the field is 120 degrees, said SAC Athletic Trainer Gary Kinney.

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  • It is good to see such quality improvements since I last attended this school 4 years ago. Turf fields are becoming the norm and is actually more cost effective in the long run. The field always looks good and allows for high usage without damage. There are some downsides to turf. As said in the article, 120 degrees on a hot day is scorching. Having played on a synthetic turf field I can say that they are the cause of more ACL/MCL injuries than is natural grass. Overall, I think the new field is a good upgrade that will last many years.

  • terey hodnetr-cordier

    I’m a new student at Sac and yhis just made me more excited to come here. Can’t wait to try out the field.

  • Yes, it is a great investment not only for the school but for our future athletes. There is just one problem though. The school should have used that 5.6 million dollars towards a school parking structure. Parking its just insane, I sometimes feel like parking in the staff parking zone but I can’t knowing I’ll get a parking citation.

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