Thrive Center resources for all students

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The food pantry allows students to get a bag of groceries once a week and snacks once a day. Photo by Lizeth Martinez/ el Don news

Santa Ana College has an array of resources students can use. 

The Thrive Center provides an array of resources for currently enrolled students. Students must first fill out a student basic needs assistance intake form on the Thrive Center website in order to use the resources provided. 

Here are the resources from the Thrive Center:  

Career Closet

The Career Closet is intended to give professional clothes to students. After filling out the intake form, the office will work with the student to make an appointment. Students can select up to three clothing items like suits, blouses, shirts, and dresses alongside two additional accessory items like belts, bags, and shoes. Students can receive clothes once a semester, clothes sizes also vary depending on the donations the Thrive Center receives which come from faculty, staff , administrators and local women nonprofits.  

Diaper Program

When you sign up using their separate intake form or the main one, you can get 75 diapers monthly for your toddler or infant. The diapers come from regional diaper banks. Apply before the end of September to get set up for October. October is the last month to sign up for the semester, because there will be no diaper pickup for December.

Prepaid Grocery Card

Prepaid grocery cards are available and intended for anyone who doesn’t qualify for Calfresh, such as international or undocumented students. Depending on the student’s need, they can receive up to a $50 grocery gift card that is valid for all Albertsons stores. But, if you are in immediate need, the Thrive Center has a food pantry where you can get a bag of groceries once a week and snacks once a day.

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Hygiene and Menstrual Kits

The Menstrual Kits have tampons or pads in multiple sizes from Kotex and Always brands. Photo by Lizeth Martinez/el Don news

You can get your own Hygiene Kit by selecting the “I would like to receive hygiene support” from the intake form. Depending on what you select, a Thrive Center staff will then work with you to coordinate a pickup time .The Hygiene Kit includes shampoo, body wash, and a brush. The Menstrual Kits have tampons or pads in multiple sizes from Kotex and Always brands.


Financial Aid

In an academic year, you can receive up to $1,700 to pay for rent and utility bills depending on your needs. If you are unable to pay car transmission repair fees, you can get them covered by the Thrive Center. Get a quote from the mechanic, then fill out the main intake form then give the quote to the Thrive Center.


The Thrive Center is open Mon., Wed., and Thur. from 10 a.m.-12 p.m and again from 1 p.m.- 6 p.m.  It’s also open Friday from 12 p.m. – 2p.m. Tuesdays and weekends are closed.

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