SAC transitions to virtual parking passes

Parking Lot Car Photo Fall 2022
Student pictured in the Santa Ana College Parking Lot / Photo By Emily Hernandez / el Don

Santa Ana College is transitioning from physical parking passes to a virtual parking pass system beginning the fall 2022 semester. The IT department is currently working to implement and test the purchasing system, which will allow students and staff to attach up to two license plate numbers to each virtual permit. 

Because the parking passes are not available for purchase yet, security is not requiring students to pay for parking at this time. Once the passes become available, students and employees will have two weeks to purchase a parking pass according to a statement from Rancho Santiago Community College District Interim Chief Communications Officer Nhadira Brathwaite.

Campus security vehicles are being equipped with cameras that will scan plates and check them against the permit system. While there will be no official grace period for parking passes this semester, Lt. David Waters of Campus Safety and Security says they don’t expect the new cameras to be fully implemented until mid September, meaning that until then they will have no means to verify who has purchased a pass. He says that while permit violations will not be enforceable, they will still be citing for other parking violations.

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