ASG held remote election, but some students never received ballot link

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Monica Renteria is next year’s president while current president Mariano Cuellar will serve as the district’s student trustee after Associated Student Government held its first all-remote election last week. About 2% of Santa Ana College students voted for the president, commissioners and senators through an online ASG ballot that was emailed before voting started on Monday, May 4.

But some students reported not receiving the link.

About 50 people responded to a poll on the @eldonnews Instagram account asking students if they received a ballot via email; 40% said they did not and 60% said they did receive an email.

Some students also commented on the el Don Facebook page that they were unable to participate.

“Never received an email for this,” commented student Johanna Mandujano. 

ASG officials said they were looking into the issue. 

“Over 15,100 [emails] were delivered successfully,” said Jonathan Medina, SAC’s ASG advisor and elections co-chair. “As to why some students may or may not have received the email is something we’re trying to figure out on our end moving forward. We did add a link on our elections page once we received enough students saying they didn’t receive it.”

In light of the current global pandemic, Santa Ana College’s ASG canceled on-campus voting for its annual election and instead emailed a secure ballot link to all currently enrolled Santa Ana College students with a valid address on file in WebAdvisor. A separate email was sent with a ballot for the Rancho Santiago Community College District student trustee.

Online voting was open from May 4 at 9 a.m. until May 5 at 7 p.m. Results were released on May 8 on the ASG election website

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In total, 556 students voted in the 2020-2021 ASG election, down a few hundred votes from last year. A total of 146 students voted in the Student Trustee Election. 

2020-2021 ASG Election Winners

ASG President

Monica Renteria 


Edith Gil-Corona

Health Awareness Commissioner 

Anai Ramos

Public Relations Commissioner

Jocelyn Garcia 

Recruitment Commissioner

Jaqueline Victor

Senator of Athletics

Isaac Estrada

Senator of Engineering

Jeffrey Madrid

Senator of Fine and Performing Arts

Isabel Gonzales

2020-2021 Student Trustee Election Results

RSCCD Student Trustee

Mariano Cuellar

Full results below:

2020 Santa Ana College ASG Election Final Results (Text)

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  • Which votes were being compared to last year’s elections turnout? Was it overall or was it referring to Student Trustee elections? Also the Judicial Branch’s advisor’s name is Jonathan! Besides that, it’s great that there was coverage on the elections.

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