Vegan by Victoria’s Is Santa Ana’s First Cruelty-Free Panaderia

From the outside, a passerby would not expect to find a warm, welcoming vegan panaderia in the rugged stripmall of Bristol Street and Civic Center Avenue. Inside there are tables and chairs waiting for you to sit and relax for awhile.

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  • April 9, 2018
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Drag Queens Return to SAC to Perform at Phillips Hall

  Santa Ana College is hosting Drag-U-Cation —the college’s third drag queen appearance — at Phillips Hall on April 12.

Get Ready for the New Lara Croft

It is the time for a new and improved Lara Croft. In the latest film in the Tomb Raider franchise don’t expect to see another sex robot like Angelina Jolie because director Roar Uthaug, and actress Alicia Vikander, bring much more potential to the leading female character.

Trans Activist and Actress Erika Ervin Speaks Out at SAC

Erika Ervin believes that there are two things you need to study in life: Law and kung fu. At least


Contra Coffee Brings Craft Brews to Orange

When you first walk into Old Town Orange’s Contra Coffeehouse & Tea, you are greeted with a library of books lining the wall. It trails down, showcasing a collection of local students’ artwork. To the left lie pastel-colored drink taps, boasting creative drink combinations mixing bases like horchata, dark coffee and various teas. Despite its appearance, Contra Coffee lies in the midst of a bookstore, art gallery and a podcast studio all-in-one thanks to its collaboration with 1888, a non-profit literary arts organization.    


Get Hot Lunch at These Two Food Trucks at The Village

The taco truck is available for students from Monday thru Thursday between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m. at the street behind Middle College High School and The Village building.

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  • March 14, 2018
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LibroMobile Is The Tiniest Bookstore in Santa Ana

In the midst of bustling Fourth St., Sarah Rafael Garcia stands out on her own. She converses with curious bystanders, engaged in each conversation. Behind her lay rows of books, neatly arranged on wooden shelves and crates. She wears a beaming smile as she presents Libromobile, her solution for downtown Santa Ana’s missing Latino bookstore.

Alianza Chicana Is SAC’s Newest Club

Club Rush introduced Alianza Chicana, SAC’s Chicano(a) club, in their club debut, during Club Rush this last Wednesday and Thursday.

Cosplayers and Orange County Artists Geek Out At AnaCon

Attendees dressed as characters from Star Wars and Ghostbusters pushed and shuffled between aisles of books, visiting booths and making their way to panel discussions. Others were dressed in intricate costumes that mimicked Darth Vader and Stormtroopers down to the smallest detail. There was even a life size replica of R2D2 that moved and made noise.

It’s Okay Not to Be “Lady-Like”

Throughout history, society has portrayed women as caring, submissive, soft and feminine. There are plenty of women who don’t —