Mater Dei students shine in dual-enrollment production of Mean Girls Jr.

Gasps filled the room when blinding lights and a loud crash echoed throughout the auditorium. The moment when Regina George

Japanese manga drawing shown in exhibition

Bower Museum’s newest exhibition features the evolution of Asian comics

Through an arch resembling Japanese architecture and murals of the popular manga character Astro Boy lies a journey filled with

Ceviche with super clean presentation on a round plate.
  • Food
  • April 17, 2024

Ranking 5 ceviche spots near SAC

It’s easy to tell when one has entered Santa Ana. Our streets are decorated with fruit stands every few blocks,

Chicano artist, Emigdio Vasquez’s legacy lives on at the Hilbert museum

Seven young Chicano men dressed in white dress shirts stand close to one another in a sunny park. One is

Sydney Sweeney blessed this cursed horror film

Most religious horror films have never really clicked for me. The reliance on jumpscares is very annoying, and they can

Staff picks: our favorite songs through the past century

In celebration of el Don’s 100th anniversary, we have put together a 100-song playlist. Each song in this playlist represents

Cross section of the Pho Brisket on rye
  • Food
  • April 3, 2024

& Broth is Pho-Nomenal

Maybe you’ve seen the trending Pho brisket on rye sandwich on your Instagram. The video shows a juicy meaty sandwich,

Norma Sagastume owner and founder of Black Zone

Black Zone: a home for rockeros and metalheads

A family of three rushed into an already crowded store with eager smiles on their faces as screeching vocals attacked

Canva illustration of Beyonce

Saddle up because ‘Yonce is taking over Country. Sort of.

Whether it was sitting on my cousin’s bed and watching the Michael Jackson – Number Ones DVD after dinner or

SpongeBob, Homer Simpson, Finn and Jake, Joker and the Eds with a calander that reads April 1st

Five of the best April Fools’ Day Cartoon Specials

April Fools’ Day is a holiday where trust issues are at an all-time high. I’ve had bad experiences with this