Construction Puts Students At A Loss

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Our 100-year-old campus is undergoing a massive makeover and those currently dealing with the annoyance of it all won’t even reap the benefit.

Current students are the ones who are forced to adapt to the noise of construction being louder than their professors, finding a new path to get anywhere on campus, spending hours looking for parking and then we’re told construction is only going to benefit future students.

It’s nice to think about future students and staff, but those currently enrolled are the ones facing difficulties with the ongoing construction.

Students are left without a campus because all phases of construction started at the same time, depriving most students of the college experience.

During all the construction, events are postponed, moved or cancelled preventing students from enjoying activities on our campus.

Construction is right in the middle of the library and the computer lab. With no place to sit, students leave.

To help with student enrollment, Santa Ana College is offering free tuition to Santa Ana Unified School District students and access to Open Educational Resources, a program offering free tutoring and research materials for classes.

Instead of focusing on attracting new students, SAC should prioritize its current students and give them a reason to stay on campus.

We are in the final renovations phase of the central part of campus, but there is still more to go.

SAC used to be a campus where students could spend their time in. We had a fountain, benches to sit and study, our college was blooming with flowers and trees well over 70-years- old.

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Well, at least we have a taco truck.