First All-Spanish Play Premieres in Phillips Hall Black Box Theatre

Photo by Noemi Mosqueda / el Don /

The rekindling of a forbidden love during a wedding leads to a tragedy, where many family members are affected, and lives are lost. That was the play that was performed fully in Spanish, and presented at Phillips Hall Black Box Theatre this past weekend.

“Bodas De Sangre,” written by Spanish songwriter, Federico Garcia Lorca, and directed by first year assistant director Ambery Chamberlain, illustrates a strong love triangle where two families past come out into the open with many secrets that can potentially destroy their lives as they know it.

Starring Charisma Carillo as the bride, a bride that is very sheltered with a lot of doubts in her life. One that is going to bring a lot of problems is, she is torn between men one whom she loves and the other the one who she is set to marry.

“I think tonight went maravilloso, I made people cry, I made people laugh, I impacted somebody in some way,” Carrillo said. There is dancing, singing, laughter and murder something that many are intrigued by and love.

Director Chamberlain does not speak any Spanish, but decided to use the original script to embrace and showcase the bilingual talents her students have.

“I was actually really nervous about it , but it was actually not that hard because when it comes to being the director it’s more about the action and the emotions” she said.

The play was very unique because of the language, which made it extra special for some of the actors, Sergio Gamez who played the groom says, “The reason I auditioned was because my family always sees my production and it has always been a dream of mine for my family to come to see a show, and actually comprehend everything that is being said.”

“The show almost didn’t happen,” says Marco Garcia who played the “mendigo, spanish phrase, homeless.” there was some circumstances at the rehearsal that caused some problems that almost made the show not happen, but at the end I am glad it turned out great.”