Try Argentine Pizza Located Inside A Liquor Store

La Farola has a vast menu ranging from milanesa (breaded steak), pizza and empanadas to pastries and drinks. / Martha Ceja / el Don

It’s become a tradition for my family and I to go out for pizza every week. As a fan who gets tired of eating the same type of pizza, one night I suggested something different. We were driving to pick up pizzas from a popular restaurant when I spotted a sign that read “Argentine and Italian Pizza Deli” It was quite intimidating to try something from an unfamiliar culture, but we were open to it.

The pizzeria is easy to miss since it’s located inside a Tustin liquor store all the way in the back. This hole in the wall deli exudes Argentinean and Italian culture with its decor and food. La Farola is a relatively new restaurant founded in 2015 by owner Eva Galvan. The food is inspired by Italian and Argentinian cuisines. Half of the population of Argentina is of Italian descent, and when others migrated like the Russians and Japanese, they contributed to the development of the country’s cuisine.

La Farola has a vast menu ranging from milanesa (breaded steak), pizza and empanadas to pastries and drinks. Their fresh-made empanadas are stuffed with ground pork, beef, chicken and other meats and then are baked until golden. These meat pockets come with a side of chimichurri sauce. Most of the dough for the empanadas and pizzas is made in the deli, but some has to be brought from a bakery that makes it fresh, when it gets too busy to make it, Galvan said.

The restaurant is well-known for its pizzas. Even though the pizza menu is not very broad, they will accommodate most special requests.

What makes their food stand out from others is the cheese they use, it is thick and creamy. Best of all they top almost everything on the menu with their cheese. A secret ingredient is added to the high-quality mozzarella to make it even creamier, Galvan said. I don’t know what secret ingredient is added to the cheese, but I can top anything with the cheese and it will make it delicious. The sauce used for the pizzas is marinara, but for people who can’t consume acidic foods they can substitute it with rosso (red sauce with crema).

Another of their popular dishes is the Milanesa Napolitana. That’s breaded steak topped with cheese and fries cooked in olive oil. Other items on the menu include pastas, pastries and drinks. Drink options include beers like Bud Light and Argentinian beers like Quilmes. Wines include White Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and others.

The success of the restaurant is due to Galvan’s determination and devotion to her business. “I am there almost everyday inspecting everything is fresh and clean, and watching for health conditions,” Galvan said. “The restaurant is doing very good, and I would love to open other locations, but I am trying to focus on this location.”

La Farola is located at 151 N Tustin Ave. in Tustin. (714) 835-5732.