Music Department Makes Last-Minute Move to Johnson Center

Music Department students are pleased with the recent relocation./ Noemi Mosqueda / el Don /

Music Department students are pleased with the recent relocation./ Laura O. Garcia  / el Don /

Safety hazards in the N Building caused students and faculty of the Santa Ana College Music Department to quickly relocate to the vacant Johnson Center.

On Jan. 11, Department Chair Brian Kehlenbach was notified that problems with the roof and the new ventilation system in the N Building would force the music department to relocate to the soon-to-be demolished Johnson Center.

“We were lucky it had not been demolished because it gave us a place to move the music department,” Kehlenbach said. “In just two weeks the entire music department had to relocate right before the [Spring] semester began. Luckily, with the help of the district, college and faculty, it was done.”

Music student Marcos Salazar said he wasn’t aware of the move until he received an email at the end of January saying classes were going to be relocated.

The change, however, has been good. Salazar said he enjoys having “bigger classrooms, fresher air and larger areas.” He said the old music building was cramped.

Most responses to the relocation have been positive. The N Building is set to reopen next fall, once the hazards are repaired.

Jason Martinez contributed to this report.