DC makes a statement with the release of Black Adam

Doctor Fate telling Black Adam to not touch his helmet. Photo by WarnerBros

The long-awaited film Black Adam came to the big screen on Oct. 21 and it was a proud day to be a DC fan as well as a Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson fan. The film was exactly what fans expected and more as there was a 90% audience approval meaning those that watched the movie enjoyed it. 

Even though it was a great movie and there is much to look forward to in the future of DC’s films, there are some things I would have changed regarding how the movie ended.

To start with some positive aspects, the introduction of all the characters: Black Adam, Doctor Fate, and Hawkman to name a few, were good as they were brief but informative 

This film showed great chemistry between the actors even though the movie was pretty serious, there were funny scenes between some characters.

Special effects in this movie were another thing that was constantly great to watch. The power of the heroes was highly emphasized in the film as their powers do more than just separate them from regular humans, but put them in the category of almost gods. Whether it was Black Adam moving so fast that everything around him was in slow motion or Doctor Fate using magic to teleport himself and others away from danger, there were plenty of times where the character’s powers were highlighted in such a godly fashion. 

With all the great things the film offered the audience, there were definitely changes that I personally would have preferred to see in this movie. For instance, the fact that Kent Nelson, the body of Doctor Fate, died. This threw me off as Doctor Fate can see the future as well as know of all magic and curses. So Fate would know about Hawkmans curse that when he dies, he is reincarnated as an archeologist who becomes Hawkman. Saving Hawkman is pointless as Fate would obviously know this and let it happen, hence his name Fate.

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Another thing that bothered me was the fact that I expected the character Adrianna Tomaz to gain the abilities of Isis (goddess of magic) which allows her control of nature since she was the one that found the ancient amulet. This would also lead to Tomaz finding her brother Amon which would give him the powers of Osiris who is known as the god of the deceased and afterlife. 

The reason behind not adding both Egyptian gods was due to recent events of the terrorist group known as ISIS. Due to this, both characters were eliminated  as it would not make much sense just having Osiris and not Isis. 

Overall this film showed a bunch of promise with a great cast and effects that were shown throughout the film. There were some things that I would not change and some things that could’ve made the movie better.

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