“Black Adam” will bring variety to the repetitive DC movie lineup

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Black Adam siting on a throne. Photo edited by Geekalition.

Since 2014, fans have been raving for Black Adam, an anti-hero character in the DC Universe, to reach the big screen and finally, the fans are getting what they want. Featuring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, “Black Adam” will be released in theaters on Oct. 21. DC fans have been excited about it since its first tease of the film in an interview with Johnson back in 2014. 

I believe this movie will do more than just give the fans a taste of what to expect in the future from DC’s movies but also introduce new heroes and villains to those that are unfamiliar with the comics and gratify those that are. 

Fans are also excited to see new characters coming onto the main screen like Doctor Fate, Hawkman, Atom Smasher, and Cyclone. 

“Black Adam” gained his name not due to his race, but by his power in dark magic which originates from the Egyptian gods. 

This movie is a sequel to the movie “Shazam,” released in April 2019. Since both characters have a huge history in the comics, there were hints during Shazam’s release that Black Adam would make an appearance. That idea was later canceled as Johnson wanted Black Adam to have his own movie. 

“It would be a huge disservice to Black Adam’s character and to the fans,” said Johnson. 

The DC studio has gained the reputation of having hit-or-miss movies as some have been really good and well thought out, while others were rushed and not really planned well regarding characters or filmmaking. DC has been known for releasing only the most popular and well-known heroes onto the main screen like Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman. These characters are great and all but after a while, fans get bored of seeing the same characters just with different actors, Batman and Superman in particular. Black Adam is DC’s third step to climbing up the production ladder, Shazam and the most recent Batman being the first two. 

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DC is also more known for its comics compared to Marvel which is widely known for its movies, The Avengers for example. As of late, however, I believe that the quality of DC’s movies are going up as they are focusing on what the fans want and pushing releases back to ensure the film is the best in how they produce it. Marvel on the other hand has had a lot of backlash on their recent releases so that is why I believe that DC has the means to release a huge hit and continue doing so moving forward. DC has been disappointing to me as a fan in how they release movies so I look forward to seeing this film. 

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