A Culture of Indifference


Bad things don’t happen solely based on the actions of evil people. They also come from the negligence of good people. If ignorance is bliss, then negligence is euphoria and most humans are living in it.

A few weeks ago when a man was shot dead on campus, many classmates and professors of mine referred to the incident as an “impromptu holiday.” The fact that a man bleeding to death in our parking lot does not shock people, but instead makes them laugh, is worrying.

We have become desensitized to the tragedies around us and, in turn, choose to focus on our own selfish needs rather than the real issues at hand. 

Perhaps, this is because of our environment. Growing up in a city where danger is always imminent can have an impact on a person. Sometimes we see so many disasters, tragedies and losses that we become immune to it, indifferent to the cruel injustices taking place because they happen every day.

Is this selfish mentality really necessary for survival or is it just an excuse to remain in our own bubble and ignore reality? It’s up to us to decide.

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