Immigrants are Dreamers Not Nightmares

Photo by Carlos Duarte / el Don

Immigrants are not criminals. Rather they are criminalized. 

Criminals are barred from receiving protections such as the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.

Yet President Trump continues to spew lies about DACA, tweeting that Dreamers are “far from angels,” and are “hardened criminals.” This is far from reality

Trump’s assertion is not only untrue but also detrimental to an already targeted group: immigrants. It can be tough being brown in this country, but being undocumented is a whole different struggle. 

Imagine coming to America, living a whole lifetime here, going to school, contributing to the economy, envisioning dreams and working towards those goals, just to be mistreated and scapegoated by an uncaring government.

This does not end once you turn off the TV or log out of social media. This hateful rhetoric is fomented by media but it has no place in society.

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