SACs Promise: A Degree in Every Home

Illustration By James Bryne / el Don
Illustration By James Bryne / el Don
Illustration By James Bryne / el Don

Staff Editorial 

Santa Ana College’s offer to cover first-year tuition for students who graduate from the Santa Ana Unified School District means taking a progressive leap forward.

Students who avail themselves of this offer not only save about $1,000 in tuition fees, but are also able to take advantage of SAC programs like Adelante, U-Link, MESA and the Student Leadership Institute, all of which support and fast track the transfer process.

In a time where stories of students crumbling under loans and debt are plentiful, learning that a college is willing to help students survive financially creates hope.

One of the greatest things about the program is the fact that it has no end date.

An end date to the program has not been determined and there is no plan to set one, SAC President Erlinda Martinez said.

This program will also help high school seniors who may be discouraged by the ongoing construction on campus to look past the physical appearance of SAC and see that the staff truly cares for their students.

Being the only college in Orange County to offer this to students, SAC sets itself apart from other institutions of higher learning in Orange County and contributes to Don pride.

Other colleges should follow suit and make education accessible to everyone.

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