Navigating Through Campus Is Turning Into a Maze

Central mall construction in 2016. Photo by El don staff

By Erica Winter

Thanks to Santa Ana College’s master plan, I know what it is like to be lost in a maze.

During the construction of the school’s water and power lines that tore up the entire quad, there have been more areas of the campus fenced off, leaving pedestrians in a cramped space to scurry to and from class.

The fencing has been moved around many times, making it harder to navigate to certain classes, and easier to get lost. Classroom D-103 is almost completely fenced off from any other rooms.

The first time I got to campus and noticed the new chain link fences, the dividers redirected me in an inconvenient way to get to my morning class. Add the 25 minutes to navigate the labyrinth in the parking lot and I was almost late.

Not only is the fencing unfortunate, but also with the large tractors and bulldozers constantly moving throughout campus making noise during the day, it is hard to hear professors during class or concentrate on anything due to constant banging.

There are two more years of construction work if the job is finished on time. The completion date is April 13, 2018, which means the fencing isn’t going anywhere soon.

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