Election 2016: The Pros and Cons of Voting for Donald Trump

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By Aurielle Weiss

Corruption and scandal haunt Capitol Hill and politicians are at the helm. More of these same types of politicians are not what we need.

Perhaps Donald Trump, a true outsider, is the key to true change.

Firstly, he’s self-funded yet all the while disgraced investment banks like Goldman Sachs are bankrolling his major competitors, from Marco Rubio to Ted Cruz to Hillary Clinton.

The height of ignorance is to believe that the money given to a politician comes without any strings.

By not needing corporate campaign funding, Trump isn’t bound to anyone’s interests. He won’t be tempted, won’t be bought and won’t be paid for. His agenda will be based on his ideas and on the ideas of the Americans that support him.

Trump is not a politician.

The establishment uses this against him, claiming he’s untrained in diplomacy and foreign relations, but let’s not forget Trump negotiates with the Chinese and the oil barons in the Middle East.

The reality is, because of his decades of experience in the business world, Trump has more knowledge in foreign relations than most of the candidates.

Lastly, he has a savvy business mind. Trump took a $1 million dollar loan and turned it into a $10 billion dollar company, and not only did he pay it back, but he paid it back with interest.

He’s created a brand out of his name and despite what people say about his bankruptcy, he remains wealthy.

When was the last time the White House was occupied by success? With the U.S. being crushed by a $20 trillion dollar debt, Trump is likely to apply the mind of a business-savvy leader that built and ran a successful $10 billion dollar company to the presidency.


By Rosalia Cato

Donald Trump claims to tell it like it is. But does he?

At presidential debates The Donald has yet to take the questions seriously enough to give dignified answers.

He just likes to hear the sound of his own voice.

Trump speaks with the language of hate, which his supporters defend as honest expression but it’s racist, xenophobic and just plain crazy.

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Trump is good at pitting people against each other and making harsh judgments about different groups of individuals all to benefit his public image.

He’s bad-mouthed several public figures, including Pope Francis, and continues to fight with reporters and anyone that dares to disagree with him.

He acts as if he is still on his TV show The Apprentice.

Trump wants to dismantle Obamacare on his first day in office, and aims to create jobs by lowering the minimum wage.

He wants Americans to work for corporations that are not willing to pay employees a living wage.

The average person that he claims to represent won’t be winning anything under this scheme.

Trump has publicly stated that all Mexicans are criminals.

He plans to build a wall to keep those without legal documents from entering the U.S., and claims that he can make Mexico pay for it.

As president, he wants to ban Muslims from entering the U.S. and dismantle First Amendment protections so anyone would be able to sue news organizations for “lots of money.”

Trump is a businessman who cares more about creating a dictatorship rather than helping average Americans.

Comedian Louis CK accurately compared him to Hitler.

Despite his outrageous rhetoric, Trump has not outlined how he will make Obamacare better, pay for the deportation of Mexicans and tracking Muslims, and make everyone rich.

His proposals claim to make America great again, but he goes against everything the U.S. stands for.

Many Muslims and Hispanics are responding to Trump with videos that are going viral on social media, explaining how racist and stupid he sounds when he makes assumptions about minorities.

As time goes on, even members of his own party are starting to voice their objection to The Donald, among them Mitt Romney who is off ering his full support to any Republican candidate running against Trump.

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