Acceptance of Others Should Extend to Trans Community

Jamie Leeds / el Don
Jamie Leeds / el Don

Staff Editorial

The transgender community deserves our empathy and a safe space  free from danger and violence.

Last year, local activist and former Santa Ana College student Zoraida Reyes, a transgender woman, was choked to death. The horrific accident left the community shocked and her family believes a hate crime was committed against their daughter.

Facing physical danger and violence from others is something those in the trans community live with every day. As transgender people seek to find their place in life, they are met with ridicule from others. They’re bullied, shunned and shamed. They are more likely to think about and commit suicide, according to statistics.

Still, they choose to be who they are in defiance of societal norms.

Despite their strength in the face of such adversity, trans people still seek approval from their friends and family. Wanting to be accepted by our peers and loved ones is something we all have in common.

Even if you aren’t able to relate to their plight, transgender people are like us. Compassion is something we all want. At the very least, the trans community deserves empathy. They’ve suffered enough indignities. They don’t need to suffer any more.

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