Rising Gas Costs Affect Students

Tim Randall / el Don
Soaring prices cause pain at the pump, but simple solutions are available

Staff Editorial

As refineries switch to cleaner burning fuels to meet environmental standards, gas prices soar and budgets get crunched every summer. Until we can find a cheaper energy alternative, we have to learn how to live without using so much gas.

With Earth Week and Santa Ana College’s Sustain-A-Palooza last week, here are several eco-friendly ways to get around your daily commute without spending ridiculous amounts of dough in the process.

Americans spend about $40 a week on gas, according to H&R Block. But if a student purchased an about $100 bicycle to pedal to class, it would take less than three weeks to make back that money.

If a morning workout isn’t appealing, carpooling is always an option. This could potentially cut fuel costs in half for two students on a Monday to Thursday grind, in addition to freeing up parking spaces every morning. Two birds, one stone.

Finally, there is public transportation. Week passes are only $25 for OCTA, making the bus a viable alternative to get to school with a slight adjustment to scheduling.

Summer is only a couple months away, but California has some of the highest annual gas prices. Using these methods all four seasons will no doubt keep bank accounts happy no matter the weather.

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