OPINION: The case for Obama



Ending his first term, the president has administered positive change for the people of the U.S.

Americans are facing a number of serious challenges, but a change in leaders now will put us on the wrong path.

Upon his arrival in the oval office, President Obama faced an economy with a plummeting stock market, millions of lost jobs and businesses going bankrupt. Four years later, America has recovered with 31 straight months of job growth, 5 million new jobs and a 7.8 percent unemployment rate that continues to fall.

This is good news for students and all young Americans.

For students, the president has extended the availability of Pell grants by 50 percent, cut the rate of student loan repayment to 10 percent of income, and capped the payment period to 20 years.

Obama has, for the most part, kept the promises he made in 2008: he said he would take us out of Iraq, and he did. He said he would go after Osama Bin Laden, and he did. He said he would extend healthcare to all, and he did.

The president has implemented changes in this country worthy of praise from a wide range of clear-thinking Americans, rich or poor, young or old, gay or straight, black or white.

After ending the war in Iraq and projecting the end of the Afghanistan war in 2014, the president said he would spend more on education, rebuild the nation, create more jobs and invest in Americans to insure a thriving future for years to come.

In 2010, Obama signed the Affordable Care Act that covers more Americans, puts in place a pre-existing condition clause, along with other coverage and requires health insurance providers to cover contraception costs for women.

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The president repealed the U.S. military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy, making it legal for lesbians and gays to serve their country. Obama also came out in support of same-sex marriage in May, making history as the first president to do so.

Undoubtedly, Obama has done everything to improve the lives of all Americans and we are better off now than we were four years ago.

President Obama represents the core values our nation stands for: he is the son of an immigrant, was raised by a single mother and worked his way up through education to the top institutions of our nation. His is truly an American story. Obama chose to lead us and fight for us in a time of hardship while knowing the immense wall of opposition he would face.

Voters on Nov. 6 will reelect President Obama, a man that stands for the good of all and not just the few. He is a man that will continue leading America down a path to greatness.

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