Philanthropist Larry L. Means



Family and friends gathered earlier this month to celebrate the life of one of Santa Ana’s most helpful and influential citizens.

“Larry Means was a man who was humble, quiet, and small in stature, whose influence and impact on students was enormous,” said Santa Ana College President Erlinda Martinez.

Larry LaVerne Means died on Sept. 26 at age 70. His death brought sadness, but he left behind a legacy of inspiration to those who knew him.

“I’m still in shock. It’s just so sad that Larry is gone,” SAC student Crisne Fernandez said.

A graduate of SAC and Santa Ana High School, Mr. Means provided financial help to students from both campuses.

He served as a board member and treasurer of Kiwanis Club of Santa Ana, chair of the Scholarship Committee, and an administrator of the Albert Radillo Scholarship Program. He also created the “Larry’s Kid’s” program at Santa Ana High.

Many faculty and staff members who knew Mr. Means say they are affected by his death.

“He’s been such a big plus, and now he’s such a big loss for SAC,” High School and Community Outreach Specialist Luisa Ruiz said.

Over the years, Larry suffered from many health problems, but continued on with his interests until this past September.

“One part of me was sad, but another part of me was saying, Larry will never suffer again,” Vice President of Student Services Sara Lundquist said.

Mr. Means is survived by his wife Leonida S. Means, daughter Jeri Holt, and sons Loren, Lance and Lyle.

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