A solution to the obstacles


After years of enduring registration problems, California officials implement a solution to smooth the bumpy road to transfer.

Capping units and altering the registration process is the answer to transfer delays, among other problems for California’s community college students.

Years of budget cuts, impacted classes and expanded wait lists continue to impede the opportunities of students, academically and economically.

To solve these problems California enacted a new policy last month emphasizing the most important students in the community college system, mainly those who plan to transfer.

The plan’s tough love gives priority registration to the bright and diligent, while placing students with more than 100 units or low academic standing at the end of the line.

Some will be left behind with the new changes, but this is inevitable with limited resources. To heal the wounds opened by a bad economy, the treatment calls for underachievers to earn their way into the classroom.

Through the new policy, California’s community college system will soon become a serious learning environment: a long awaited remedy to soothe the stinging cuts.

While the new changes will not take effect until 2014, the policy paints an optimistic future for those willing to work for it.

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