New twist on familiar fare


Top of the insert is the Fresh Griller logo consist of a framing icon and the words "FARM TO FORK". Bottom of the insert is a server holing a plate and filling it with different assortments of prepared food.RESTAURANT REVIEW:

Fresh Griller is Santa Ana’s newest healthy choice.

The Fresh Griller may have photocopied Chipotle’s operations manual, but sets itself apart by improvising ways of adding new flavors to go with a DIY-plate.

Everything starts out familiar enough — three choices including chicken, steak and veggies, and three ways to eat it, as a salad, rice bowl or wrap.

And then the menu goes global, as if staying true to its Southwestern roots was never an option.

The sauces are intriguing, especially for the adventurous foodie. After sifting through the common, including BBQ and teriyaki, comes the wonderful, or the weird.

Spicy Aji Verde draws from Peruvian and Mexican influences, while the Sweet Ginger Chili invokes Thai flavors. The Wasabi Ranch seems to go well with almost everything.

Pair that with pico de gallo, kale slaw, or sweet peppers, and you could be gorging on a culinary treat or gagging on frankenfood. The choice is yours, and that’s more or less the point. Remember, however, that not everything will result in flavorful harmony. Restraint is key to enjoying the $8 experience.

The steak and chicken are grilled to order, and the veggies are fresh. They also have a soda dispenser pouring sugarcane-based soda.

Fresh Griller is located at 2 Hutton Centre Dr. in Santa Ana.

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