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Mac maniacs clamor for new Apple products when they hit stores, but are they worth it?

You’re all suckers. You submit to the will of the electronics gods and buy things because a company slaps their logo on it.

Last October, Apple released the iPhone 4S, which was essentially the iPhone 4 with some cool voice technology and a somewhat improved camera. It was presented as “the most amazing iPhone yet,” but on paper there were already a few phones that were better than the 4S — like the Samsung Galaxy S2 — on its release day.

But nobody was surprised when it sold 4 million units in three days.

When the iPad 3 came out it was basically the iPad 2, but with a much better screen and a marginally better processor. And though the Asus Transformer Prime was a better value, Mac-lovers didn’t line up hours in advance to get their hands on it.

If you know someone who has a Mac computer, chances are they own an iPhone and/or an iPad as well. It makes sense, because they sync with each other perfectly, and that’s one of the key selling points Apple likes to use – everything just works.

While that is great for some of us, it is also beneficial for companies because they suck consumers into buying things that pair well but aren’t necessarily worth it.

Die-hard Mac users think anything with a Mac logo on it is something made by God himself. I have multiple Apple products, but everyone should still investigate things before they hand over hundreds of dollars for something that is inferior.

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