Fee increases forcing students to the edge


When tuition and fees increase, all students seem to do is complain. The problem with complaining, however, is that without action to follow it, nothing will change.

With a new budget in place, and California’s deficit looming over our heads, the threat of another tuition increase is still very real.

One of the most important things we can do is to invest ourselves in our campus. Education should go beyond the classroom, extending to the surrounding community and to the inner workings of our school.

Work with clubs, attend board meetings and ask questions that matter to you. Fight for the affordable and accessible education that was promised to all Californians decades ago. Grassroots movements are effective if done right.

We need to pressure our politicians to protect our future by putting students first. Attending board meetings will not always be enough. Protests show our school and our politicians that we are serious about change.

Affordable, accessible education is the key to making California’s students and workers competitive again. Short-term solutions to long-term problems have stifled growth and development for too long. Investing in California’s future is the right move, even at a time of fiscal crisis.

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