CCMA Entry: Best COVID 19 Coverage

The big COVID news in our community in 2021 was vaccines. Santa Ana has one of the lowest vaccine rates in the region and young Latinos are vaccine hesitant. Covid coverage in 2021 we approached it in 3 ways: to inform, to document and share community voices and to show people the experience of getting a vaccine. A selection of example coverage from online and social media is below.

To inform:

We wrote multiple stories each semester updating the campus community on the latest vaccine distribution centers, vaccine mandates and more.

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Informacción en español

For select news articles that impacted the community at large, we had bilingual staff members translate them into Spanish. Our campus hosted one of the largest vaccine distribution centers in the county.

Community Voices:

We asked members of the community their opinions on the vaccine and showcased community concerns and voices regarding it.


In an effort to combat local misinformation and fears of getting the vaccine, we wanted to report on what the experience was like to get COVID and have a vaccine so we interviewed students who received it and used Instagram Stories to take followers inside as our social media editor got hers.

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