Fans Living in U.S Still Cheer For Mexican Soccer Team

trump parading
Mexico fans parade a cardboard cutout of Donald Trump at the game / Photo By Arleeny Escarcega

trump parading

By Arleeny Escarcega

Everywhere I turned, a Mexican flag was waving.

A group of Mexico supporters paraded a cardboard cut-out of Donald Trump wearing a mustache and donning a sombrero inscribed with “Viva Mexico!” They yelled “PUTO!” pulling support from the audience.

When they crossed paths with fans in red, white and blue, they would shout even louder. USA supporters acknowledged the opposition and shrugged it off.

This was the scene at the Mexico vs. USA game at the Rose Bowl, where the majority of fans cheered for Mexico, even while living in the U.S.

The match was more than just a game. It became a source of protest for fans to express their distaste for Donald Trump.

Some held up posters with “U can not deport us all Dumb Trump” or “Cruce tres bardas y el bordo y estoy aquí ilegalmente.”

Five years ago, Mexicans would have not considered announcing to the world how they made it here.

Now, immigrants see that laws and political views are changing in their favor. While they may not be involved in protests, their Mexican-American descendants are standing up and speaking for them.

Being at a live soccer game between USA and Mexico allowed them an opportunity to voice their opinions.

Music was blasting everywhere as fans were drinking and eating outside the Rose Bowl.

When families gather to watch a soccer game at home, they always have carne asadas and Coronas or Bud Lights. They did the same while tailgating.

When Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez scored Mexico’s first goal, the crowd erupted. Inside the press box, the sound was overwhelming. Cheering, whooping, and clapping resonated throughout the Rose Bowl.

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I felt and heard the pride for my parientes. I grew up watching, living and breathing Mexican culture and soccer. Seeing the crowd passionately celebrate the first goal of the game was a moment I will never forget.

USA fans cheered loudly with fervor for their team and country. But it was like a polite applause in comparison when el Tri scored.

The Rose Bowl was split into north and south sections, dividing the fans like the border. American colors decorated the south section but throughout the rest of the stadium, green, white and red dominated.

Some fans were there to support their team. Others were there just to enjoy the game. A couple of USA fans admitted to not knowing or caring which team won.

Every fan simply wanted to represent their team and more importantly, their country.


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