On the Job Training


By: Jocelyne Poblador

Broadway Belle

Morillo’s comedy marks Lappi’s first play in Phillips Hall Theatre.

With more than two dozen plays of experience, 20-year-old Emily Lappi’s résumé ranges from comedies like Lend me a Tenor to the drama She, which Lappi co-wrote and acted in as part of Phantom Projects Theatre
Group’s annual Young Artist’s Project.

“[SAG] Eligibility is a big deal because you want to be paid for doing what you love,” she said.


Building His Rep

At age 28 student actor Danny Gonzalez has brought to light numerous roles as a pachuco gangster, a loveable town drunk, and a waiter serving a couple on an awkward date.

Acting is not a priority for Gonzalez, despite having enough stage experience to join the Screen Actors Guild.

“I do it because I like it. If I did community theater all my life, I wouldn’t care,” said the civil engineering major.

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