Dienna Jadallah


Fall 2011: Writer.

My name is Dienna Jadallah. I am an easily amused, borderline annoying, enthusiastic amateur writer. Seriously considering taking up Adderall for my writer’s block. I enjoy a good political rant and encouraging my peers to get involved.

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  • D if adderall unblocked what blocked the mind which stops the pen from writing then wouldn’t the finest writer like John Milton take a sedative like opium to write such fancy a novel. You’re creativity and unique style is self evident, hence not needed of stimulants but motivation. If thou decidest to written then thou shall successfully achieve the results demanded. Quit the smoking of the cancer stick, put them boots on with that dogged BOOTSY, have her keep small company in the creation of the next great novel. The same dominant perseverance which got you to sign solar first even if JH and the rest didn’t see it. Respect to her, D the non sellout, who doesn’t go dull but stays sharp. Put out, them words and blow my mind!

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