Virtual Reality should focus on entertainment and media, not workplace

marvin vr 3
VR should be used for entertainment purposes until technology allows it to be used in the workplace. Photo by/ Geovanni Esparza

I realize in its current state, VR is not able to focus on work. The words “virtual reality” do not make me think of office work. What comes to mind is playing games with friends, chilling on a virtual couch and watching movies. When I watch videos and read opinion articles regarding VR, I come to find that others share similar feelings.

Virtual reality has been used to replicate and replace reality itself. The Metaverse has been advertised as the best way to socialize, learn and play with others.

Gaming in virtual reality has been a pleasant experience for me using the Meta Quest 3 headset. Beat Saber is one of the best games I have ever played. Slicing blocks to the rhythm of music with awesome beats and DLC songs made me feel both relaxed and excited. 

While playing, “The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners” a game that provides addictive survival gameplay along with an opening scene that had me sail through a swamp and watch people shoot walkers. I was both terrified and intrigued. I journeyed through a post-apocalyptic city trying to scavenge supplies and avoid walkers. With the VR headset on, I felt as if I was inside a haunted house ride.

I have yet to see others use VR for work or anything productive. Despite some headsets being advertised for working environments, like the Meta Quest Pro, they are being used for entertainment.

I find it so interesting and crazy when people use VR headsets in public, I cannot take them seriously. These headsets should not be used in public, they should only be used indoors, even if it has a transparent mode. If they look funny outside in public, then no one will be taken seriously in the workplace. 

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I am optimistic for a more productive future for everyone but at the moment, VR is all about entertainment.

With Apple and Meta working on more affordable models of the Meta Quest 3 and Apple Vision Pro, I view it as a chance for more people to be invested in entertainment through VR. Until such technology is invented, VR should not be focused on business or workplace productivity. I recommend we sit down and watch movies on a movie theater screen until working through VR is possible.

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