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On Aug. 29, an armed man was seen outside a Hobby Lobby parking lot located on E 17th St. and N. Tustin Ave. Witnesses called the Santa Ana Police Department who called the OC Sheriffs. 

This turned into an hours-long standoff, resulting in many people sheltering in nearby businesses and the street closing down until cleared.

News Editor, Lucero Garcia arrived on the scene and interviewed Public Information Officer, Natalie Garcia to inform Santa Ana College students of the situation since the street that was closed off is a common route toward campus. Garcia made sure to record and establish the scene for people to see where and when the news was taking place.

Through Instagram, along with fellow reporter Lizeth Martinez, they were able to share updates on the situation for students and community members. Instagram stories served as a quick way to inform followers making it easy for others to spread the news to those near the area. It also helped establish a timeline for followers, by putting a time sticker on posts and updating it every time something occurred, showing that reporters were still on scene. 

The final video was uploaded when the situation was still ongoing, and the final update was when the street was open again, informing followers that it was safe. The man was later identified as Richard Rene and was arrested on Aug. 30.

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