“I’m so done with discussion boards”: How students feel about being back on campus

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Students speak to el Don reporters during the first week back on campus since March 2020. Photos by Miranda Navarro.

Students returned to in-person learning this fall for the first time since classes went online in March 2020. About one-third of all Santa Ana College sections are being taught on campus with Covid protocols in place.

During the second and third weeks of school, el Don staff members interviewed students on campus to see how their semester is going, ask what it’s like to be back in person and learn what they’re most worried about as they continue their education during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Students interviewed: 

  • Yaneli, art major
  • Jose, business major
  • Ricardo, studio art major (preferred not to use last name)
  • Sophia Grace, art history major
  • Manny Ramos, freshman business major
  • Victor Zerat, graphic design major
  • Edward Morales, baseball
  • Jasmine (preferred not to use last name)
  • Zyan Patel, sophomore
  • Crystal Marie, sophomore fashion design major
  • Evelyn Mani, dance major

How is your semester going so far? How was your first week of school?

Yaneli: It’s alright. I’m just trying to make time to do my homework and not get behind.

Jose: It’s so far alright. I’m so far enjoying it, I’m just not ready for the homework if I’m honest.

Ricardo: It is going ok. It’s hugely different than the last time I was here, but glad to be back.

Sophia: Good, great to be back. Love being back at school, not loving the mask. 

Manny: It’s fun its been fun and something that excited me about Santa Ana is that it’s my hometown so just being here really excites me

Victor: It was weird like coming back I mean it’s more empty now it’s just a little bit, I don’t know, not the same. It’s not the same vibe. I guess its kind of different

Edward: So far it’s going good. It’s a little bit slow but so far so good.

Jasmine: It’s good I like my professors.

Zyan: This is my second year at SAC and I’ve done the majority of classes online and I only come to campus to wrestle, but I’m liking it, but its the same thing I log into my laptop and do homework. I’m liking it, it’s pretty much the exact same as last semester with the exception that I now have practice, so I would say I like it.

Crystal: Stressful at first, of course as always. But after I got registered it took a big weight off my shoulders so I feel really good now. I think our school could have probably done more to keep everybody safe. 

Evelyn: It was great! See old faces from the past is really nice and I like being busy at school. I really like Santa Ana college and this is my 12th year here  I am enrolled in dance classes here at Santa Ana College and I want to be a dancer. Not much homework for all my dance classes, so I’m liking my semester so far. My first week at school was busy and I got through it. First week went great, being a long time from home, quarantined. Coming back to campus and seeing new people and connecting people.

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What are you most excited about?

Yaneli: I’m just happy that I’m back on campus already. It was starting to feel boring and lonely at home.

Jose: Honestly, I just miss going to school meeting the people, and just being able to go outside.

Ricardo: It nice to see everyone but it’s great to be back in a studio. I do not have any room at home. 

Sophia: Having in person classes! I am so done with discussion boards. It is so much better to have these discussions in person.

Victor: We’re actually having like a hands on like experience again. It was pretty hard doing online I actually didn’t finish online classes, so its better for me coming back to campus.

Edward: Just finishing up this whole semester, trying to finish off strong and stuff but so far so good, yeah

Evelyn: The Johnson student center so we can hang out. The new building is nice and I like it there. I go there a lot and rest there too. I like The Spot and it has nice sets to rest. I like watching to students too as I set and rest in the Johnson building. Our school is better they made it better and I am so glad. I will be going into there a lot. 

What are you worried about?

Yaneli: The only thing that I’m worried about so far is just the homework. I’m not ready for that.

Jose: The only thing that I worry about is just being shut down again. I don’t want to be stuck at home again.

Ricardo: I’m worried that they may shut the school down due to Covid cases.

Sophia: I do not want to go back online for classes.

Manny: Something that worries me is the Covid regulations. Other than that I am pretty calm.

Evelyn: I am worried about being on campus and thinking we are going to get sick here on campus. I do not want to get sick. I do not want to be sick. I hope i do not get sick here. I really do not want to be sick. I am very worried i might get sick here on campus. I try not to think about getting sick here on campus. I wear my mask. I wear my mask everywhere I go on campus so i do not get sick. I do not think i am going to get sick because I wear a mask and a plastic shield over my mask. 

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