Flappy Clones

Flying Cyrus is one of hundreds of games filling the void left behind by Flappy Bird.

By Jorge Campos

   When Vietnamese game developer Dong Nguyen produced the popular game Flappy Bird, he never thought it would go viral or become so addictive. Nguyen was wrong.

   The average user who rated the game on the Apple app store has played 13.2 hours of Flappy Bird, According to a gamefaqs.com survey.

   Nguyen has since pulled the game from app stores, leaving hundreds of  copycat games  being uploaded, one every 24 minutes on average.

   Here are a few of the best:

  1. Flying Cyrus– allows users to fly a tongue-touting Miley Cyrus through wrecking balls and hammers, poking fun at the artists’ music video and song Wrecking Ball.

  2. Air Bear Grylls- gamers fly as reality TV host -slash- survivorman, with a jetpack through rock pilings in order to reach safety.

  3. Flappy You for iphone– users can take a selfie and fly their face through trees. Any picture in the camera roll can be used and gamers can also attach Facebook to the app and use any picture from uploaded albums.

  4. Bieber Fever Max – Flying Axe Guitar obstacles are designed as thermometers and gamers get to fly a greased hair Justin Bieber through them at night.

  5. ModiRahul Fly– birds are replaced by two Indian political figures: Narendra Modi and Rahul Ghandi, who fly through obstacles with a detailed map of India in the background.

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