Kindergartners Become SAC Students For a Day

Kindergarteners shuffled throughout campus March 7 during KinderCaminata, an event that introduces grade school children to college life. / Rogelio Santana / el Don

By Rogelio Santana

At least 1,000 kindergartners from Santa Ana elementary schools shuffled throughout the campus quad March 7 during the 20th annual KinderCaminata at Santa Ana College. The event introduces grade school children to a college environment.

More than 30 career stations scattered across the quad presented activities for the children to spark early interests in an educational path. Firefighters, karate instructors and even Clifford the Big Red Dog met with students throughout the day.

“It shows the depth of opportunity for kids as well as family. Get them on a path to dreaming and the college will be here to help them fulfill their dreams,” said Rancho Santiago Community College District Trustee Arianna Barrios as she welcomed the busloads of children arriving.

Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez led the students in a march around campus as they pumped their fists in the air and chanted “si se puede,” in unison.

More than 150 SAC students volunteered for the event.

“I enjoyed it. It brings out the kid in you. There was definitely a lot more kids than I expected. The younger you get them interested in something, the better they are,” said first-time volunteer Chaya Batista.