Mental Health Matters: Read our zine, listen to our podcast

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Let’s talk mental health. For the last two semesters, our staff has covered the topic beyond just talking through feelings or overcoming a big sad with as much care and depth as we would want to know ourselves — because believe us when we say we’re going through it too.

It all started with an article about how students in one of the most hard-hit communities in the pandemic are coping with returning to school after 17 months online:

Using the interviews featured in the article and some special sessions in the Distraction podcast studio with staff members, we also recorded a podcast episode which you can listen to below:

All of the above reporting, the interviews with professionals and additional student voices and information were compiled into a zine. 1500 copies were printed and distributed around campus but if you didn’t grab a copy, you can read it (and download a copy!) below:

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