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When it comes to music there are many styles to shape it in and there are many genres of music for those with different tastes. If fast and loud is not your thing maybe something calm and slow. Here are some of the top picks on behalf of the El Don staff.

Nujabes – “Hikari”

“I like this song because it has a smooth and relaxing tone.” -Sergio Gutierrez

EarthGang – “Bill Campbell’s Soup”

“This song sticks out to me for the Soothing and Relaxing sound as it transitions into a much Dark undertone.” -Sergio Gutierrez

Saba – “BUSY feat. theMIND”

“When I listen to this song it gives me a feeling of relaxation and a smooth transition.” -Sergio Gutierrez

Dido – “Don’t Think Of Me”

“I like the meaning behind this song as it talks about one person who has a crush on someone but they already have someone they love so both now have to stop thinking about each other and move on with the other person becoming strong and independent”. -Sergio Gutierrez


“I like the rhythm of the song and I like to move to the beat of it it’s just an overall feel-good song”. -Kate Bustamante

Hands Off Gretel – “Kiss Me Girl “

“The chaotic energy of the song is always fun to jam out to while I’m driving”. -Kate Bustamante

Pierce The Veil “Stay Away From My Friends”

“ I’ve loved this band since I was like 12, this one is my favorite because the vocals are different from their other songs, a lot more tender”. -Kate Bustamante

Delialah El Atwi- “Memory Lane”

“Such a crazy talented artist, composes each song alone and this is my favorite to listen to before bedtime”. -Kate Bustamante

Cali Life Style-“Lost”

“Every time I listen to this song I can’t help but feel relaxed to the sound of the beats in the song. This is one of those songs that you can just kick back to and feel at ease”. -Mario Cabrera 

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The Quakes – “I Miss You”

“What I like most about this song is the transition from the acoustic guitar to the electric guitar in the intro of the song it slowly builds up and then it just hits you”. -Mario Cabrera

Cavetown – “Boys Will Be Bugs”

“I love this song because it’s youthful, playful, fun, and puts me in a good mood right away, and I loop it on repeat for hours.” -Emily Hernandez

Isaiah Rashad feat. Syd – “Silkk da Shocka”

“I love this song whenever I’m stuck in my feelings or in my head, it just calms me down and brings me to my own world.” – Miranda Navarro

girl in red – “Serotonin”

“This song sums up how my mind functions when it feels like I’m spiraling.” – Miranda Navarro

Stray Kids “MIROH” M/V”

“This song put me in an amazing mood, the beat is very energetic which makes it an amazing workout song.” – Lucero Garcia

STRAY KIDS (DANCE RACHA) – ‘WOW’ (Know, Hyunjin, Felix)

“Another amazing song. Stray Kids is made up of 8 members but this song is composed by only three of the members. This song has versatility with the changes of beats. The rap verse is very fast which always makes the song amazing.” – Lucero Garcia

again&again – “pablo (bump)”

“The reason I chose this song is because It’s my favorite song from again&again and I would like more people to know who they are because they are a new band who started up this year and produce a lot of good music.” – Eduardo Velasquez
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