10 ways to bust boredom while you’re stuck in quarantine

Is quarantining at home all day making you homesick or just sick of home? No need to worry — here are 10 boredom busters to help you get through the next few weeks, or months, or however long this lasts.  

Learn an instrument

Everyone has that one old instrument that was either gifted or bought with the intention to be used but instead it made its way into the corner and was consumed by dust. Well, the time has come to huff, puff and blow that dust off. Get ready to look up “How-to tutorials” on youtube on the found instrument that was consumed by the dust.

Create a Tik Tok 

Tik Tok is a recording and editing platform used to create video clips that are up to a minute long. You can dance, tell jokes, sing along to songs or act over other people’s audio. The perfect time to start a Tik Tok career is now. All you need to do is press the record and express yourself.

Play video games

Not everyone is a gamer, but now is the time to rise up to that elite gamer status. Bother your loved ones and snatch that controller out of their hands because you are the next gamer. Show them who is the best Mario Karter around or the best Super Smasher. Just remember not to rage quit.

Start a meme account 

Memes are laughable, but coronavirus memes are not passable. Unless they provoke a negative reaction, so why not start that meme account. Help us all get through this dark time of isolation.


Let the binge-watching session begin. Turn the lights off, crack a cold one and snuggle with that blanky you’ve had since forever. A famous American psychologist by the name of Timothy Leary once said, “Tune on, tune in, drop out”. In this situation, we should all be listening to his wise words and do the same.

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Sleep more 

Being a student is hard. The entire day is spent being at school, working, and then studying with as little sleep as possible. Instead of being a zombie all-day you can finally become yourself by getting more than four hours of sleep a night.  

Spend time with family

We all have busy schedules. Everybody goes to work or to school. Family time isn’t always possible, but now that we are stuck in isolation from the outside world, whip out those classic old board games, impossible puzzles that are missing a piece or two and spend some quality fun time with family.

Start a blog or journal 

History is being created at the moment. Grocery stores are becoming ransacked. It is feeling like a real horror movie aka the coronavirus pandemic. Start a blog or a journal about your experience and who knows you might create a book or a horror movie about it. Use WordPress to go public. Use Penzu to write privately. 

Read a book 

Do you remember the last time you read a book? No? Just read a book now that you have more time. Textbooks are not acceptable. Here’s a list from the Washington Post with 100 books to get you started. 

Use your imagination 

Remember that episode of Spongebob “Idiot Box” where Spongebob and Patrick go inside the cardboard box and imagine anything. You can do the same and imagine life before (and after) the coronavirus outbreak.

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