International Festival

Sunshine / The Vietnam booth showed off typical garb, including traditional conical hats and the colorful shirts and tunics woven with hemp, silk and cotton that are light and perfect for a tropical climate.

The annual event celebrates 23 years of cultural diversity on campus

By Matthew Salzer

Colorful booths lined the quad at the International Festival Oct. 29, which showcased the diversity of the student body by highlighting cultures from countries like Japan, Jordan and Colombia, among others represented.

“This is to share different cultures to U.S. students,” said Carmelita Eustaquio, International Program Specialist and academic advisor. “We learn from them and they learn from us.”

Eustaquio first organized the event 23 years ago and has since seen it grow into a signature celebration at Santa Ana College.

In addition to the cultural booth displays, live music played while people danced. Exotic food, like Mongolian noodles, Indian samosas and Salvadoran tamales, were on sale.

“We totally represent our country with everything made in Cambodia,” said student Cham Roeum Sok, who was at a booth.

Students, both domestic and international, mingled while enjoying the various performances and information.

“I’m learning a lot because it’s very different from my country,” Kenia Garcia said through a translator. Garcia, who is from Mexico, wore an elegant dress to show her heritage.

“I want people to know about our culture, the real knowledge and dignity of our indigenous culture as a race, as a people.”