Flannel Power


Once a practical choice, warm fabric and layering is now a fashion statement.

By John Olivares

Dust off your Nirvana CD and raid your rocker uncle’s attic. It’s what’s hip.

Flannels and beanies are a fall essential among young men, and the fashion trend that draws on the non-conforming ‘90s grunge movement got a boost from mainstream celebrities.

Kanye West, David Beckham and Zac Efron have been spotted rocking the return of the ’90s grunge look in trend-setting locations across SoCal.

“Men today look to celebrities as fashion icons more than ever before,” Jonathan Gutierrez, Santa Ana College student said.

The warm fabric and hats are great for the cold, but as a style statement can be seen worn by every scenester for the pure fun of it.

In a survey of about 100 Santa Ana College men, 71 said they are wearing beanies to avoid doing their hair during the fall season.

Beanies have become more of a fashion must, rather than for the practical use they were intended: to keep warm during the cold.

“It’s easy for a guy to put on a flannel and beanie on the spot rather than stressing out about what to wear,” Gutierrez said.

The look is not about the button-up flannel style, but rather, men are leaving shirts unbuttoned, or tying them around the waist.

A flannel tied around the waist is a solution when it’s too hot outside to actually wear the flannel the traditional way.

Beanies and flannels are just a few of the layered looks that can be seen worn with the grunge trend.

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These two items are often paired with solid colored T-shirts, pants, some sort of necklace and boots or sneakers to match the personality of the man who wears them.

“Flannels have become a must-have to stay consistent with what’s popular today among men of all ages,” Citlali Espinoza, Santa Ana College student said.

This fall in Southern California has seen high temperatures, yet beanies are still being worn even in the middle of a heatwave.

The grunge look is a theme found in both women’s wear and men’s wear, Kyla Benson, Assistant Professor of Fashion Design & Merchandising said.

Based on what’s in stores and featured on popular style blogs, it’s clear that the grunge trend from the ‘90s is indeed making a comeback.

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