A New Way of Dating

A dummy-proof dating site sets users up on affordable romantic outings ranging from rooftop dinners to taco shop tours by bicycle

By Jorge Campos

One of the most intimidating parts of dating is not knowing what to do beyond dinner and a movie. Figuring it out can take so long that by the time you settle on a big bag of popcorn and the seventh X-Men movie you bear to watch for her pleasure, the night’s over.

How About We is trying to change that.

The online service simplifies dating and makes it easier to try new things in the process. In this Groupon-like approach, users can book dates ranging from gourmet PB&J picnics, cheese-making kits and, if she is really bored, a Japanese rope bondage class, all for discounted rates.

Groupon set the business model for discount buying in 2008 with coupons that offered products at below-market deals.  How About We takes that idea and applies it directly to the dating world. Now you can have your cake and someone to eat it with too.

There is no such thing as dummy-proof dating, but it doesn’t mean shortcuts won’t work. Don’t feel like going out? Order  one of the stay at-home kits, including a sexy painting kit, an at-home bitters cocktail kit and a dino terrarium garden kit, and watch the grass grow.


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