Event Brings Life to Downtown


The first Saturday of every month, artists of all kinds ranging from performing musicians to painters come out to show their work for crowds of people, when the Artists Village in Santa Ana hosts an Artwalk for the community. A variety of music provides the background for visitors who’ve come to look at the diversity of downtown.


Liz Monroy / el Don

For Julian Lucas life is art. His collection of black and white photos focus on urban street scenes and everyday life, as well as the human anatomy. “I got to Oregon and was exposed to the arts and I picked up a camera again,” he said. “I would just start taking a lot of photos in the streets.”


Lucas is currently working on a book titled To Live and Die in America, documenting the homeless in SoCal. 

[quote] It’s reality. None of those photos are touched up in any way, you know, it’s all about what I saw that day. Edit? I don’t even like that word.— Julian Lucas[/quote]

CUBISM DREAM[img_reflect_right src=”http://www.eldonnews.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/hawa3.jpg”]

Thousand dollar paintings randomly cover the studio of Joseph Hawa, spanning about 35 years of his work.  “I started when I was 6, and I haven’t stopped since,” Hawa said.His influences range from the bright colors of Henry Matisse to cubist Pablo Picasso. The Santora Art Building has housed Hawa’s art since 1999.


Homegrown gourds, salvaged oak and $50 are all artist Manuel Cortez needs to create his vision. His art deals with converting simple organic materials into a project that brings about emotion through viewer analysis and a newfound perspective. “I want to create work that no one else has seen before,” Cortez said.

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[img_reflect_left src=”http://www.eldonnews.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/gasmask.jpg”]One of his standout creations is a bird sculpture made from dehydrated gourds. Cortez’s motivation in choosing this unusual medium is to maintain a low budget to show that the mastery is in the production and not the cost. A few simple materials embody the minimalistic integrity he prides himself on.

“I evolve myself through my artwork,” Cortez said, adding that every project is a process that molds and solidifies his passion, pushing him to perfect his techniques. This attention to development has given his artwork local recognition, awarding him numerous titles at the 2008 California Gourd Art Competition.


Art has become a weapon for Matthew Southgate. Featured in May Day protests and rallies throughout Santa Ana, Southgate’s art is fueled by activism and raw anger. “Activism is going to need that extra spark of life to keep that high morale,” he said.


[one_fourth]40 Galleries that display works ranging from ceramics, graphic design and digital photographs to urban art.[/one_fourth]
[one_fourth]25 Retail shops and restaurants around the Artist Village and East End.[/one_fourth]
[one_fourth]15 Years since artists started moving into Art Deco buildings.[/one_fourth]
[one_fourth_last]20 Artists who took over 4,300 square feet of space in an impromptu art show at
the Yost Theatre for one night.[/one_fourth_last]

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