East End Gets A Facelift

Daniel Lim/ el Don
ART / Something in the Sky is Jouvon Michael Kingsby’s second mural, but he expects to do more in the near future. / Daniel Lim / el Don

By: Jocelyne Poblador

The brick-lined walls of a 1920s-era downtown Santa Ana building received a hipster makeover Tuesday as two local artists motivated by divergent styles brushed the final touches on a collaboration that took four days to finish.

“It’s just kind of like free-flowing,” artist Michael Ziobrowski said.

Liz Monroy / el Don

Ziobrowski and Jouvon Michael Kingsby began painting on a freshly scrubbed two-story wall at the Musselman Block—on the corner of French and Fourth streets—that has been converted into a trendy shopping district.

Ziobrowski’s graffiti-infused abstract futurism and Kingsby’s hyperrealism birthed Something in the Sky, a female face framed by geometric shapes accented by bold hues of blue, orange and shimmery gold watching over the East End.

“It’s been a challenge to please the community here, it’s been a tough road, but it’s starting to come to fruition,” said Ryan Chase, the property manager responsible for helping make the historic district into a trendy destination.

The permanent mural painted in real time, over the Artwalk weekend, doubled as performance art. It is located behind Left of the Dial Records and slightly hidden beside the landmark Yost Theater.

“It’s a combination of what we’re both into aesthetically and our styles,” Ziobrowski said.


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