Project Ethos rocks LA Fashion Week

LEFT: Designer Michael Costello poses with models and his creations. RIGHT: A male model poses while wearing a Andrew Christian piece.
A male model poses while wearing a Andrew Christian piece.

Project Ethos showcased designers, artists, and musicians all in one explosive night.

Project Ethos and Scion made their mark during LA Fashion Week, a sold out event where trends in fashion, music and art came together at The Avalon in Hollywood.

The Red Carpet was buzzing with attendees including Aubrey O’ Day, celebrating stylist Johnny Wujek, and Brian Friedman of X factor.

Walking into The Avalon was like a journey through Old Hollywood with its arched ceilings, red velvet seats and dark interior.

Art filled the Avalon’s main room featuring an electic mix of work by Aaron Mostow, Michael Stubbs, body painting by Jamie Garden and live portraits by Ivan Djurovic.

Diverse designers and brands were thrown together on one runway, reflecting the urban lifestyle and casual chic prevalent throughout the city. The outfits included courageous Speedos, flamboyant leopard-print harem pants, and knee-high leather boots.

This year 11 designers that presented their collection, but four stood out from the rest. Pas Pour Tois, Hous of Pink Lemonade, Tumbler and Tipsy, and Michael Costello.

Designer Michael Costello poses with models and his creations.

Pas Pour Toi, elegantly incorporated the classic of colors black and gold while background music added a warm, enchanting feeling. The collection featured sexy, long, black deep V-neck dresses with gorgeous gold sequin detail. There were also mini dresses with a 1920s sophisticated look.

Hous of Pink Lemonade brought swimwear to another level. The whole presentation was a complete package. With models painted in black with thick glossy eyebrows and high ponytails walking out in slow motion to dubstep music. The fashion colors were bright, vibrant, neon pinks and greens. Everyone’s eyes were glued to the runway while Hous of Pink Lemonade was showcased.

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Tumbler and Tipsy featured an explosive collection where tattooed models played an important role by adding their own style and individuality. Rocking the stage in plaids, studs, spikes and leather. Male models sauntered down the stage wearing sweatpants with fur detail on the side of the legs and pockets. Unusual combinations of fabrics were used in dresses, such as a leather corset dress with a high-volume-plaid skirt. With reckless abandoned models one with a bright red Mohawk, and another with a full-body tattooed strutted down the runway wearing shirts lettered in “Tipsy” and “Dripping in Gold”. Michael Costello known for Season 8 of Project Runway, (where he finished in 4th place) offered elegant gowns. His designs had it all. With garments so perfectly constructed that they fit the models like the proverbial glove. One was a leather-and-lace, black 1940s-inspired vintage Hollywood number. Other pieces included high waist leather pants, black gloves and a drapped oxblood tunic. The models had smoky eye shadow and long waived hair, both styled by TNT Agency.

Sexy female and male dancers surprised the audience with a high energy choreographed by Tricia Miranda and an electric performance from alternative-pop band Fire in the Hamptons, featured on Gossip Girl.
DJ Aaron Colbert did a fantastic job bringing it all together, spinning through the celebration. Project Ethos and Scion was a brilliant, must-attend event.

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