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Places certain to raise your hair and the dead


— Old myth comes alive; 2012 event based on Calico ghost tale of the Green Witch.

Dense fog blankets the air, sounds of metal screech in the distance, and screams flood your eardrums.

Thinking you’re stuck in an inescapable nightmare, you catch your breath and realize you’ve just entered the gates of Knott’s Halloween Haunt.

Back for its 40th anniversary, Knott’s Halloween Haunt has returned with new blood-curdling mazes and a special guest who makes her long-awaited return.

This year’s event is based on the return of the Green Witch, who was sentenced to death in 1885 and cursed the town of Calico, Calif. into eternal damnation. There, the dead are believed to rise every Halloween to torment and terrify all those who visit the ghost town.

Thirteen mazes and more than 1,000 monsters, ghouls, ghosts, mutants, and maniacs populate Knott’s.

Five new mazes make their debut, including themes from horror movie classics Evil Dead and Carrie, whose remakes are set to release in 2013.

The Evil Dead has taken over the Log Ride attraction where a Bruce Campbell look-alike fights the demonic forces released from the book of the dead.

Old favorites such as Delirium, Uncle Willy’s Slaughterhouse and Dia de Los Muertos return with more scenes, better props and settings, leaving guests screaming for more.

Guests will be blown away by the creative effort from the actors, says John Scarano, who has worked at Knott’s Halloween Haunt since 2002.

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“No one monster is the same. Each one is different and has their own fingerprint,” Scarano said.

Knott’s provides a hellish nightmare for patrons, making it a definite visit for the season.

The haunting experience is available for about $36 a ticket and another $20 for parking until the night of Oct. 31.


Save on screams and visit Sinister Pointe, a year-round fright attraction in Brea. Roam the 10,000-square foot interactive maze, where chainsaw cannibals and bloody pincushion dolls lie in wait for victims. Guests experience scare zones and encounter “fear tests” in order to find an escape. For dates and ticket prices visit www.sinisterpointe.com.


Sail away and face the horror on the Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor. This year’s event is based on the ship’s haunted history, with new characters terrorizing the halls of the ship. Guests can take a break from the mazes in the RIP Lounge, where drinks and live music will be available. Visit www.queenmary.com for admission prices and dates.

A montage three very scary characters: An ill faded Green Witch screaming with broken jaws hanging very loose, a butcher with cut up bloody human body parts, and a character with horrifying dark circled eyes and bloody mouth and teeth.

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