Engaged with the music


After a long silence following the release of their first single Ungirthed early in 2011, Purity Ring synchronizes Electronic music with ambient relaxation in their new album release, Shrines.

In listening to the project, it is obvious that the Canadian duo took their time to put together each meticulously developed track. It is a welcome contrast to the recent influx of lethargic, repetitive beats in the Electronic music scene.

Vocalist Megan James and instrumentalist Corrin Roddick create an experimental but calming sanctuary against the monotonous Dubstep revolution.

Though the tone is light and airy, a deliberate, well-planned sound can still be heard in the steady tracks like Amenamy.

James’ high-pitched, feminine voice is clear, although the vocals are inflected with filtered tones. Unlike fast-paced Techno songs that ignore cohesion and forego lyrics, tracks like Cartographist are clean enough that the words are completely audible. The lyrics are descriptive, sensual and melancholy, adding another layer of intrigue to every embellished song.

Though some of the beats are familiar, varying musical undertones crafted by Roddick keep the album from feeling too predictable.

Shrines is a refreshing, and unusual project that is ideal for studying or chilling out to.

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