Bassist’s dreams shine through heavy metal


A photo with water-color like PhotoShop effect showing Marcos Hernandez playing his electrical guitar with two other band players.TRENDING:

Music major Marco Hernandez is close to fulfilling his dream job of becoming a full-time musician.

Hernandez plays bass for Santa Ana’s Ten Times Defied, which is in talks with legendary indie label Metal Blade Records after finishing its deal with the smaller Awakening Studios. The Agoura Hills, Calif. based company is home to the biggest names of the genre, including thrash metal legends Slayer, Viking rockers Amoth Amarth and Cannibal Corpse.

“Nick Wright, the vocalist, had thoughts of naming the band Ten Times Defied after being rejected 10 times by record label companies,” Hernandez said.

The band formed in February 2010. By June they started gaining a fan base after a great performance at the Tustin Chili Cook-Off Battle of the Bands.

One of their best experiences came when the Anaheim House of Blues opened its doors to the group in August 2011. The five-piece band has a vocalist, lead and rhythm guitarists, a bassist and a drummer. In July of last year, rhythm guitarist Joey Vargas was in the market for a bass player. Vargas and Hernandez have known one another since high school, so Vargas gave Hernandez an opportunity. Within a week Hernandez learned the songs. His audition took place during a live set at Anaheim’s Chain Reaction, in front of an audience of about 400.

“I never imagined my audition would be live in front of many people, but I clicked with the band and seeing the public happy with our music, I felt very confident,” Hernandez said.

Hernandez started young, playing piano at his church as a 5-year-old. By elementary school, he played the clarinet as well. He stopped playing music in middle school, but he couldn’t shake off the calling. In his freshman year of high school, he bought his first bass guitar.

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This is his first semester at SAC and one of the classes he is enrolled in is Business of Music.

“My professor Alex Graham gives me good advice about contracts with record deals and gives me inspiration,” Hernandez said.

Marcus Hernandez making a crazy screaming funny face while shaking his guitar.

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