Spring forward with men’s fashion


Places to be: Running around doesn’t mean you have to look sloppy. _  Things to do: Smart and casual never felt so comfortable. Meetings to set: Smart and casual never felt so comfortable.
el Don's Co-Editor-in-Chief Robert Wojtkiewicz dress with a blue tank top, to reflect attire when you have places to be. el Don's Staff Writer Marcus Leppo dressed with a light blue short sleeve top, to reflect attire when you have things to do. el Don's Staff Writer Jared Edwards with his hair well groomed, dressed in a white short sleeve with dark color vest and tie matching his vest.
You are the definition of Southern California. It doesn’t take all day to look good. Messy hair is still in style and shaving is optional.It’s spring and tank tops help you stay cool.Add flare with wrist accessories. From the beginning of fashion until the end of time, jean shorts are a staple for comfort and style.Flip-flops enable you to pop on the beach at any time. Don’t fear the sand between your toes. _ You like to look your best wherever you go, so spending a few extra minutes or a little cash to make it happen doesn’t bother you.A short-sleeved and buttoned collared shirt says you mean business, yet you don’t want to be too stuffy.Leather wristbands are a great way to add a sophisticated style to any trend you are going for. When jean shorts don’t fit the occasion, a nice pair of khaki shorts will do the trick. _ You don’t mind spending extra time on grooming. It’s somewhat of a ritual that always seems to pay off.When you look this good, you have a lot to work with.Collared shirts, whether short or long sleeved, set your individual style apart. Adding a fitted vest and tie to the mix will pull the whole ensemble together.Timepieces look good and tell more than just time. It tells others you are to be taken seriously.
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 A well polished shinny copper color men dress shoe.STEP IN TIME: Men’s Footware

by Marcus Leppo (el Don Staff Writer)

Not all dress shoes are created equal.

Wingtips are low-heeled shoes made of multiple pieces of leather and decorated with perforation around the edges. The most common colors are brown and black, which go well with a well-tailored suit, a blazer or a jacket and tie. For a more casual look, pair it with jeans.

Even though the style has never gained a lot of popularity, studs in suits wear them and are able to pull off a suave look that attracts the ladies.

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