Fresh face: Clean sheen or gator skin?



Yes, you’ve got time.

No, you don’t have an excuse.

Close up facial shot of a men with clear skin and smiling.CLEAN SHEEN:

Growing a beard is easy, but no one likes unkempt scruff on your mug.

Beard trimmers are a great way to shape your facial hair. Make sure the batteries are fully charged and the blades are samurai sharp.

A dull razor will leave you with unsightly bumps.

Shaving cream soothes the skin and helps prevent cuts.


Photo of bright eyed alligator seemingly smiling, looking up with its eye wide opened, mouth closed and teeth showing.GATOR SKIN:

You might think you’ll be forever young, but biologically speaking your clock is ticking.

If you take care of your face now, you won’t have to worry about it later.

Everyman Jack mint face lotion, sold at Target for about $7, is made for men.

Don’t forget to block some of that golden California sun. The Center for Disease Control recommends not going under SPF 15.

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